Finlandia-talo on yksi tunnetuimmista rakennuksista Suomessa. Sen marmorisen julkisivun tuntevat lähes kaikki, ja aina 20 vuoden välein kiistellään, kannattaako kymmeniä miljoonia maksavaa julkisivuremonttia tehdä taas uudelleen.

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This is not your ordinary circus. We have curated a collection of different brands and products, with just one common nominator: each has the name Finlandia in them. First that comes to mind is - surprise surprise - Sirkus Finlandia, but more well-known brand internationally might be Finlandia vodka.

There is an investment bank by the name of Finlandia Group, and if you want to re-invest your capital, you're welcome to do so at Finlandia Casino. Even if you are not particularly interested in casino games, there are still some options. Finlandia Hall is architectonic masterpiece in Finnish capital Helsinki. And of course, neighbouring capital Tallinn can be accessed with a cruise ship - Eckerö Line's M/S Finlandia.